What is the Blue Screen of Death?

Blue screen of death is a common error that appears on systems running Windows operating system. The errors are called blue screens of death, blue screen of doom or simply blue screen because when they appear the computer screen turns blue and the system requires to be restarted. Computer reboot is the only safe action you can do once received blue screen of death. However, this might cause some data loss as you don’t have a chance to save the data to the hard drive.

There are tons of reasons why blue screens are displayed. Most of the time it’s because of hardware failure, corrupt registry, timing error, virus or similar problem. Very often it’s a problem of outdated, incorrect or corrupt device drivers. In this case, you are supposed to update or reinstall the driver. Check the file name in the blue screen which should help you to find out which driver causes problems. Sometimes, the problem resolves with system reboot. Unfortunately, most of the times it keeps bothering you again and again and you are forced to take some technical assistance.

Taking your computer to the repair shop is one of the ways to solve the issues. Unfortunately, it takes tons of your time and patience until you get your PC back home. That’s why we recommend a much more comfortable way to solve the issue. You only need to enter your phone number and you will soon get called by our technician who will repair your system remotely. Meanwhile you can relax and watch us taking care of the problem live.

To make the work easier and quicker you can analyze the blue screen error yourself. Giving us an exact error codes that appeared is one of the most helpful things you can do. Do not wait until this kind of errors destroy your important files or even the entire system. Contact the technicians of Remotepcfix.com now and forget your problems. Remember that we offer the best prices and the most conscientious payment system. We don’t ask you for anything until we fix your problem completely. The payment is required only after you have completely clear system.

Virus Removal Tips and Tricks

Computer viruses are malicious programs that infiltrate into computers without users’ consent and cause lots of damage to the system and can even reveal some of your private information. Viruses easily spread from one computer to another over the Internet or with a help of removable medium, for example, CDs, USB drives, etc. The main purpose of the creators of computer viruses is ripping the users off.

There are tons of tips and tricks how to fight computer viruses and keep them away form your system. A reliable virus removal tool is the main mean to ensure the best computer protection. You also have to make sure to keep your Antivirus updated and, most importantly, choose a reliable product.

Unfortunately, the creators of viruses are able to find vulnerabilities even on the bet protection tools. Besides some viruses go so deep into the system that most computer users are not able to do anything in order to remove it.

Because of that remotefixpc.com is ready to help you solve your issue without leaving your home. If nothing is working for you in getting rid of computer virus, trust your problem to our technicians for only $ 99.99. All you need to do is enter your phone number and we promise to call you immediately and repair your system remotely. This is an absolutely safe service and you can even watch how we perform the entire process. Keep in mind that you will not be charged if we are not able to repair your problem.

If You’re Constantly Receiving Error Messages

Constant display of error messages is one of the most annoying things that can happen on your computer. Usually they alert users about some problem that occurred on the system. Some of the common error messages are:

File not found – The file concerned may have been damaged, moved, deleted, or a bug may have caused the error.

Access is denied – Occurs if the user has insufficient privileges to a file, or if it has been locked by some program or user.

[program name] has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. – Windows XP message displayed when a program causes a general protection fault or invalid page fault.

The blue screen of death.

Some of such messages can be helpful and provide not only information about system problems but also give a solution for the problem. However there are plenty of unnecessary error messages that interrupt user’s activity and don’t allow continuing the work.

Usually in order to repair error messages you need to know error code. That is why we suggest our services and we promise to repair every single error alert you are receiving. Don’t forget that we offer the best balance between price and quality. We do not require any diagnostic fee and the payment has to be made only after we fix the problem.

How to Terminate Malicious Processes and Delete Harmful Files?

Files and processes

Computer program consists of certain sets of files. Whenever you start a program you launch an executable file which is responsible for running the program. At the same moment the code of executable loads into computer’s memory. This code is called a process. Basically, processes represent the whole application and once you terminate the process, the program doesn’t load.

Viruses, spyware and all other parasites are also programs, so naturally, if you want to stop the activity of a parasite you have to terminate its processes, first. The difference between the processes of a regular program and parasite is that the processes of a parasite are run without user’s consent. That is why it becomes a challenge to terminate these processes.

The running processes are displayed in Windows Task Manger. Unfortunately, some processes of parasites are hidden from you. That’s why you need to use certain methods in order to make your system display such processes.

Below you will find the methods described that can be used for manual termination of processes. These instructions also explain how to find “invisible” files and remove them from the system.

1. How to find and terminate malicious processes?

In order to open Windows Task Manager, press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. You can also press Start button and choose Run… option. Then type in taskmgr and press OK.

When you see Windows Task Manager screen, choose Processes button and you will see a list of processes running on your system. Click on the Image name button to display the tasks by name. Then find the process needed and click End Process. This way you will terminate the process.

2. Locating and deleting malicious files

If you know a full name or at least a part of the name of the file you can easily find it using Windows default search tool: Start > Search > For Files and Folders. Type in the file name and select the folders you want to search. In case you don’t know when the file is placed, choose Look in: Local Hard Drives or Look in: My Computer. The file will be displayed in the search results.

If you are not aware of the file name but you know its possible placement you can try to look for it manually. Before that you must enable displaying hidden and system protected files. Open My Computer, choose Tools menu and click on Folder Options.

Once in the Folder Options, choose View and select Show hidden files and folders in the Advanced settings list. Then unselect Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).

To see the files that are still invisible launch the Command Prompt. Click on Start, choose Run… and type in cmd. Finally press OK.

Type in dir /A name_of_the_folder to the console. Then you will see a list of files including hidden ones.

Delete the files needed and then empty the Recycle Bin. In case you receive a message stating that the file cannot be removed because it is in use, go to Windows Task Manager and terminate the corresponding processes.

Unfortunately, some processes might run again right after you terminate them. Then you have to restart your computer in Safe Mode and remove any file needed. Safe Mode doesn’t allow the programs to be run automatically.

3. Pocket KillBox

Computer hackers are improving their creations every day so sometimes it’s difficult to remove certain files even in Safe Mode. Some parasites have rootkits integrated or use some other techniques to protect the files from being terminated by Windows Task Manager and being removed. In this case, the best solution is downloading Pocket KillBox.

The program can be downloaded from its official website.

Run Pocket KillBox, type in the full path of file to delete select Standart File Kill option and click Delete file (a cross next to full path of file to delete).

If that doesn’t work, try deleting the file once again but this time, select Delete on Reboot option. The program will delete the file once you reboot the system.

If none of the described methods are working for you, we highly recommend consulting our technicians on your issue.

Solving Slow Computer Issues

There is nothing more irritating than your computer running slow. Probably every computer user has experienced it and knows how much time you have to waste waiting. There are tons of reasons why it happens. Usually computer slowdown appears because of registry errors or useless programs, drivers, files, pictures, etc. that we add to the system over the years. If your computer became slow suddenly, there’s a big chance that it happened because of virus or spyware infections. Sudden slowdown that lasts only until you are running particular program can also be caused by software errors. No need to say, that it can simply happen because your system is old. Remember, that over the years your system faces adding and deleting tons of files and programs which are constantly degrading your system performance. However, even older systems can be speeded up.

If you check on the Internet the reasons of computer slowdown, you will find many more of them. We have no doubts that you will also find tons of offers to repair it by purchasing some product. However, if you don’t find a reason of, particularly, your computer slowdown, you are very likely to through your money to the wind by purchasing some random product which won’t even work for your case.

That’s why we are strongly offering our help which will guarantee fixing your computer back to a normal functioning. Don’t forget our No Fix, No Fee policy which will assure that you will spend your money only if your slow computer is optimized.

Contact us now and we will immediately remote into your computer to resolve your case. Forget waiting days until your PC is in a normal state. Our experts are here for you every moment you need.