Many of you may think that the quality of your Internet connection is a business of you Internet Service Provider. However, it’s not always like that. If the websites don’t load for you there are several tricks you can do by yourself before asking the professionals to help. It is very likely that the problem doesn’t come from the Internet provider but you.

First of all, you should check your Internet cable. Usually if it’s unplugged, you will see a notification on your computer screen. If the cable is plugged in but you still see the notification, it might be the problem of a cable. You can also try to ‘repair” your connection by right-clicking on your network connection and choosing “Repair”. If that doesn’t work simply reboot your system. Sometimes this simple step resolves everything.

If you don’t see any notification but the websites doesn’t load anyway, it might be a problem of your Internet settings. Make sure the configuration is exactly like your Internet provider requires. Go to Start > Run, type in cmd and press Enter. When you see a command prompt, type in “ipconfig/all“, press enter and check if the settings are correct. Default gateway is you IP router address and DNS servers are either your router’s IP address or DNS by your Internet service provider.

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