Email or electronic mail is one of the most popular ways to exchange information nowadays. The system of email is based on a model where email server computer systems store the messages of the senders and forward them to the proper recipients. One of the biggest advantages of email comparing to phone calls or other media of communication is that both sender and receiver don’t have to work on the same schedule. The email can be checked any time, independently from sender. It is also much cheaper way to exchange the information. Talking about its disadvantages, email is called a push technology. The sender completely controls who receives the information and this often causes receiving unwanted information. Despite that, email remains the most reliable medium to exchange information all over the world.

Though email might look a simple system, it occasionally encounters technical problems. These problems include email connection problems, email address errors, email spam, email viruses, delayed email, email formatting problems, etc.

If you are able to send the email but it doesn’t arrive, your email can be queued. In this case check File or Edit menu for any queues. You might need to send all queued mail manually. If you don’t receive external emails but are able to send them, try to send one to yourself. If you can receive it, it means your server can’t access the Internet. You should wait for couple of hours but if the problem doesn’t go away, you should contact your Internet provider for assistance.

One of the most annoying things using email is getting spam emails. Spam is usually an email with commercial content or frauds, including computer viruses. There are several ways to block spam messages or at least to reduce the amount of them. You should be very selective about sharing your email to everyone. If your email will be revealed by the third parties they undoubtedly going to send you spam. Never reply to any spam emails even if they give you an option to remove yourself from their mailing list. Delete spam emails without previewing them. You should also always run an antivirus program and make sure it scans for viruses all your email attachments.

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