Rogue antispyware programs have been infecting tons of computer systems with years. Some of them last for a very short time some do not stop for months or even years looking for more systems to infect. Lately some of rogue antispyware programs have been replaced by fake defragmenters. Though it may not sound that bad, fake defragmenters sometimes can be even worse and cause more problems while removing them.

Fake system defragmenters pretend to be system optimization programs that fix hard drive and computer memory problems. In fact the purpose of these fake defragmenters is the same as the one of rogue programs – to steal money by selling something completely useless. They also use similar methods like rogue applications: imitate performing scans, uses fake warnings, etc.

One of the main fake system defragmenters that keeps infects more and more computer systems for pretty long time now is Smart HDD. The program is released by the same gang of cyber criminals who have been releasing some fake defragmenters daily. The program uses system vulnerabilities to get inside the system . Once inside it creates several files in the system and makes the launch when computer is booted. Then you will be experiencing fake scanners being run on your system, pop up messages appearing for no reason and so on. Everything will lead to one and the same ting – they will be convincing you to get Smart HDD program in order to fix your hard drive problems.

You shouldn’t trust this program under any circumstances. Smart HHD must be removed straight after its detection on the system.