WinWebSec family of fake antispyware program that started its activity a few years from time to time appears on the Internet very actively. It is responsible for a bunch of dangerous rogue programs, such as Security Shield, Smart Protection 2012 and others. The infections can get inside random systems using exploit pages. You can get redirections to the these pages through advertisements even even on trustful websites.

One of the most popular infections from WinWebSec family at the moment is Smart Fortress 2012. Once inside the system the program makes sure to attack your system with tons of security notifications and pop up messages. These alerts warn that your system contains infections and recommends getting a full version of Smart Fortress 2012 in order to remove all malicious files.

What is more, Smart Fortress 2012 imitates running a system scan and displays a list of infections which in fact do not exist at all. The program tries to do all it takes to convince you into purchasing Smart Fortress 2012.

You have probably already understood that Smart Fortress 2012 must be removed as soon as possible. However, it makes this task difficult and problematic. The application blocks your legitimate programs including your security tools. It also tends to disconnect your computer from the Internet to make your computer practically useless.

The only solution for you is to download a reputable antispyware program and run a full system scan. Have a look at the removal guide here. Before that don’t forget to upgrade your antispyware to its newest version.