Dozens of fake system defragmenters slowly start gaining the same position as rogue antispyware programs infecting various computer systems. The programs use similar tactics to get inside random systems. Usually they use system vulnerabilities, Trojan viruses to infect random computer users and try to gain money from computer users by making them pay registration fee of some useless program.

The most popular fake system defragmenters at the moment are Smart HDD, Data Recovery and Smart Recovery. They all belong to the same family of fake defragmenters and use the same tricks to gain their goals. Basically, fake system defragmenters pretend to be able to optimize your computer system and fix any hard drive related issues. Before that these program obviously try to make you believe that your system needs some help.

The programs use various pop up messages and security warnings which do not correspond to reality. Basically, the messages report about noneexisting problems and offers downloading Smart HDD, Data Recovery or Smart Recovery in order to solve these issues.

Truly you will lose your money once revealing your credit card details and the situation of your system will remain the same. Beware that Smart HDD, Data Recovery and “Smart Repair” Data Recovery are malicious programs that must be removed once noticed. The best protection against these infections is installing a high quality antispyware program and keep it up to date. Scan your system to eliminate these annoying application once you get infected.