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Computer problems? Blue screens of death, slow network, strange noises or alerts? Is your computer crashing more and more often? Just imagine how much time it would take to get your computer to the repair shop and wait days until it’s fixed. We can help you without you leaving comfort of your own apartment. PC Tuneup, virus removal, fixing most difficult computer problems – we can do it, and we will do it through the Internet!
Most importantly, we guarantee that we will resolve your problem. We operate a No Fix, No Fee policy which means that you don’t have to pay anything if we are not able to repair your computer. The charges depend on the service not on the time the problem takes to be fixed. We tell the exact amount of money for your computer repair job. No hidden fees. Isn’t that great?
Get started right now! Create an account and contact our technician directly. We promise to answer every question and immediately start solving the problem.